The Absolute BEST Way to Grow Your Instagram!

You’re out here killin’ it.

You’re getting those likes, those new followers left and right, and you’re seeing more DM’s than ever, and then all the sudden—

You hit a peak. It stops, with maybe a few here and there. So many people hit peaks at their goal numbers as they grow, but just because you’re hitting a snag doesn’t mean there’s no way to get beyond it!!

First, how you’re feeling is valid, and I have been there too. The best thing you need to do is focus on the fact that it’s temporary and isn’t an actual reflection on the success of your business. In fact, with how often Instagram is CONSTANTLY changing its rules and regulations, it’s very likely that you’ll hit a wall at some point. It may even be because Instagram started rewarding a certain type of feature more than another!

So to help you GROW and overcome those blocks, I’ve created the most fail-proof Instagram growth formula:


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No, you’re not crazy. Growing your platform IS harder than it used to be! That’s true.

However, realness, authenticity and connection still win.

Take it from me - I built my account from:




Real AF content

My iPhone

Hiring a coach for biz and social media!


It’s so easy to want to get caught up in the trends and letting what other people might think dictate your account and the content you create, but that’s a quick way to get nowhere.

I didn’t need any expensive photoshoots, photoshop, lies, bots, people-pleasing or my ego and fear to guide me to build the account I have today.

So what should you do? I’m gonna tell you - let’s get into it.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of creating content on social media!


The Don’ts:

Don’t try to do what other people are doing!

What works for other people might not work for you! You shouldn’t base what you do with your account on...

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