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Hey Babe! My name is Meagen Harriman - CEO, Coach, and Instagram Strategist!

I am SO freaking pumped that you are here! I love connecting with other powerful women who are ready to change lives and finally live the life of their dreams at the same time! I am extremely passionate about helping other women start, grow, and scale their business’ to reach their ideal clients, make the money of their dreams, live their dream life, and do it all with the perfect mix of soul + strategy!


Accelerated Instagram & Business Growth

Get all the greatness of Meagen's most popular programs packed into 3 individualized strategy sessions, over the span of 6 weeks' time!


The Busy Entrepreneur Instagram Templates

90+ templates and headlines that will take your content from "meh - keep scrolling" to "OH HECK YEAH, I need to read this now!" to get more engagement, followers, & conversions (yeah that cash-money from your content!


"I am so grateful that I made the decision to work with Meagen! She has helped me tremendously with my confidence in showing up for myself on IG. I used to be so scared to put the camera on me and just talk and now I do it with more ease and less feeling of being judged. This has helped me grow my business and helped me become who I want to be for my ideal clients. Since working with Meagen, I have gained 6 brand new clients from IG (before, I only was working with referrals from friends!), I raised my prices which mean MORE MONEY, and had my HIGHEST revenue month! Our contract ran up, and you bet I signed again to keep going"

Ashley Tarver
Health & Fitness Coach



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