"On our business call, Meagen truly helped me connect with that voice inside of me that was telling me how to share my gifts with the wold. And she helped me find the courage to finally unleash the confidence that I had inside of me, in order to start taking my business to the next level! And I would truly recommend her to anyone who is looking to level up in their business or even in just getting started! She's truly the best!"

-Andi Wisdom | Health Coach


"I've been using two of Meagen's tips most prominently in the last week. I really want to help women to see the beauty and potential that is inside of them, but in order to do that, I first had to be open and vulnerable. And WOW the positive feedback and engagement I got my post was incredible"

Ciara Burgal

"Meagen not only provides research backed and reliable tips, but she does it in a way that leaves you feeling so so good. Meagen has taught me to created content with intention and to be very vulnerable. I recently shared a post about my extremely restrictive past and it gave me the opportunity to connect with so many other women. Thank you for everything you do, Meagen!

-Marissa DeShong | Weight Loss Coach


"Meagen has helped me become more confident posting and engaging with my audience. Instead of posting randomly I now post with meaning. I also use a "call to action" with each post whether it be on my IG feed or stories. This has really allowed me to connect with others and understand what my audience and customers want to be a part of. "

Ashley Christ
Fitness Coach

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