My name is Meagen Harriman. I'm a CEO, Coach, and Instagram strategist. 

I am extremely passionate about helping other women start, grow, and scale their business’ to reach their ideal clients, make the money of their dreams, live their dream life, and do it all with the perfect mix of soul + strategy! 


After college, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I didn’t want to be stuck in the dungeon of an office that I was in, working for someone else, on their terms, with their rules and values! 



I worked as a holistic nutritionist and counselor for two years and was running my “side-hustle” of being an online fitness and nutrition coach for the last year of that two year period! After a year of my building my side-hustle, I decided to go all-in and follow my passion of being my own boss! January of 2018, I put my two weeks’ notice in and dove into my coaching business!

During the first year of my business, I scaled to six figures and signed with multiple companies as an affiliate, athlete, and/or sponsored influencer! I grew my Instagram 100% organically up to over 80K followers and now have 100K! My fitness and nutrition coaching business was taking off like crazy!

Without ever officially “launching” my one on one coaching, I had over 400 applications within the first year! Since then, I have successfully run my one on one coaching, group programs, challenges, and masterminds! I pivoted from fitness & nutrition to confidence and mindset where I started to do larger masterminds and life coaching work!

I was getting approached by many other coaches in my industry to work with them on their business’! Which leads me to where I am today! Over the last year, I have successfully launched “Flourish Your Business”! I am EXTREMELY passionate about helping other women find the success that they desire and that they deserve in their own business’! I truly believe that if you have a passion to serve, and a drive to change lives, you CAN and WILL be successful, you just need clarity and guidance, and that is why I do what I do!

Are you ready to level up and flourish your business with Meagen?


"On our business call, she truly helped me connect with that voice inside of me that was telling me how to share my gifts with the world. And she helped me find the courage to finally unleash the confidence that I had inside of me."

Andi Wisdom
Health Coach

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