Why Dating Your Clients Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea

clients relationships Aug 26, 2020


You’re in a polygamous relationship.


Yup. We’re even dating too… well, pretty much.


Okay, wait. Lemme explain!


Every good relationship is based on the “know, like and trust factor.” 


People grow to know you. You show up consistently on your platforms and you’re creating such valuable content so your audience knows you exist.


Then they grow to like you. Once you start showing up consistently, your audience will either gravitate towards or away from you.


Then they grow to trust you. Do you deliver when you say you will? Do you communicate with your audience? Are you consistent? Based on your answers, your audience will decide whether or not they trust


Because the know, like and trust factor can translate to ALL kinds of relationships, we can look at potential clients and customers on Instagram as my dates and partners!


If you think of your Instagram and the audience you’re...

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