Why Dating Your Clients Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea

clients relationships Aug 26, 2020


You’re in a polygamous relationship.


Yup. We’re even dating too… well, pretty much.


Okay, wait. Lemme explain!


Every good relationship is based on the “know, like and trust factor.” 


People grow to know you. You show up consistently on your platforms and you’re creating such valuable content so your audience knows you exist.


Then they grow to like you. Once you start showing up consistently, your audience will either gravitate towards or away from you.


Then they grow to trust you. Do you deliver when you say you will? Do you communicate with your audience? Are you consistent? Based on your answers, your audience will decide whether or not they trust


Because the know, like and trust factor can translate to ALL kinds of relationships, we can look at potential clients and customers on Instagram as my dates and partners!


If you think of your Instagram and the audience you’re selling to like dating, then there are four super huge factors:


Your Bio & Profile Pic 

These are like the moment you first make eye contact with someone! They immediately decide whether or not they’re interested in you. If their interest is piqued then they stick around to see more of what you have to offer. 


Your Stories and Highlights 

These are like the flirty banter!⁣ This is where they start to get a little bit of an understanding of who you are and what you do. The stories and highlights are so important because that determines whether or not they’ll ask for the date! What’s the date? I’m so glad you asked...


Your DM’s 

Ahh, the DM’s. These are those sweet, loving, potentially awkward first few dates! This is where you get to know each other even more and build a real relationship. The know, like and trust factor is so crucial here! This is some of the first real connection that people ever see/feel, so make sure you’re giving your best in this area (in all areas tbh but especially here).


Making the Sale

This is where we start to make it official!!! This is where you both decide that this is a good fit for the both of you. This is where you get one step closer to deciding whether or not you guys will get into a full-blown relationship (I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious..)!


And thus, all of your clients are your significant others!! And you’re in a polygamous relationship. Instagram is the dating world that fosters these relationships. And your Instagram strategy is superrr crucial to whether or not you land these ‘relationships’ aka sales! 


Sales relationships and romantic relationships are one in the same. They’re both all about genuine connections and truly loving your people and wanting the best for them!⁣⁣ They’re about committing to showing up as your best self and over delivering, never the bare minimum.


This is a huge reason why I don’t chase after clients. I’m never haggling them in their DM’s and emails, begging them to join my program! Why? Because I would never chase after a relationship! You either vibe, or you don’t. It’s that simple.


I don’t chase - I attract! ⁣⁣I believe in the value that I provide and what I bring to the table. If other people can’t see that, both a potential partner or client, so be it! It wouldn’t have been a good fit.


Don’t chase your people. Become a master at attracting them!⁣⁣


If you’re ready to take your IG game to the next level and learn how to ATTRACT people to you, rather than chase - then you NEED my course, Insta to Income.


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