How to Find Your Tribe Thatโ€™ll Lead You to Success

coaching growth success Aug 12, 2020


PSA: What you tolerate will continue.


 If there are people in your life, treating you like anything less than the amazing, badass business woman that you are, then what are they still doing in your life?


That’s a real question.


It breaks my heart to see so many people stay in toxic friendships, romantic relationships or even familial relationships out of fear. They keep them in their lives because


  • They’re afraid they’ll fail and be laughed at for trying.
  • They’re comfortable staying confined in the expectations people set for them.
  • They’re trying to seek approval or the ‘okay’ from people that can’t even understand their vision.


It’s all a waste of time! It’s never worth it to keep toxic people in your life, no matter how afraid or low you feel.


It’s not worth the energy they drain from you! There are people in this world that are willing to support and catapult...

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