How to Find Your Tribe That’ll Lead You to Success

coaching growth success Aug 12, 2020


PSA: What you tolerate will continue.


 If there are people in your life, treating you like anything less than the amazing, badass business woman that you are, then what are they still doing in your life?


That’s a real question.


It breaks my heart to see so many people stay in toxic friendships, romantic relationships or even familial relationships out of fear. They keep them in their lives because


  • They’re afraid they’ll fail and be laughed at for trying.
  • They’re comfortable staying confined in the expectations people set for them.
  • They’re trying to seek approval or the ‘okay’ from people that can’t even understand their vision.


It’s all a waste of time! It’s never worth it to keep toxic people in your life, no matter how afraid or low you feel.


It’s not worth the energy they drain from you! There are people in this world that are willing to support and catapult you closer to your dreams. People who believe in you so greatly that when you start to doubt yourself, they’re there to reassure you! There are people who will understand and wholeheartedly support your goals as if they were their own.


So kick those bullies that never supported you to the curb and start making space for the amazing, loving, supportive people that you deserve in your life.


Here are the four steps you can take to cancel these people out:


1️. Block em out! 

No, really. Block them on social!⁣ 


That block button is there for a reason! You can also unfriend and unfollow or even just mute them. Social media made sure we had plenty of options! Don’t feel guilty about it either. You’re only doing what’s best for you, your dreams and your mental health. If you don’t look out for yourself, then who else will?


2️. Stop telling them about your dream 

Don’t give them the opportunity to break you down!⁣⁣


You need to be actively protecting your dream from people that wouldn’t support you. You know who those people are. Instead of telling them your huge goals (that scare them because they don’t believe they can accomplish something that great), just work in silence. Not everyone needs to know about your dreams, only the right people.


3️. Start telling others who believe in you! 

“Okay so how am I supposed to find these other people?”


Start putting yourself out there! Talk to others who have similar dreams to yours! Start putting all of that effort you have been putting towards seeking those bullies’ approval - towards making new friends with others who are on that next level! 


Both of these take a lot of energy, but the ladder will eventually give you back so much more than the first!⁣⁣


4️. Hire a coach

The amount of people in this world that have the resources and WANT to support you and see you win is endless. Hiring a coach isn’t the only option you have! You can also:


Join a mentorship program

Join free Facebook communities around your dream topic

Find friends in the comments section of like-minded profiles 


The options are literally endless! Stop saying that you don’t have anyone in your corner! You do, you just need to seek them out and welcome them in.



Those bullies you’re around are probably right. You WILL fall on your face. You WILL make mistakes. Soooo many mistakes. It happens to so many of us. It’s a part of the game.


But guess what? When you fall down, you have the opportunity to get back up! You’ll have the people in your corner that cheer you on when you don’t believe in yourself. 


If you never leap, you just might be stuck in your current situation forever.


Step up to the plate and start taking responsibility for the environment you want to cultivate and the life you want to create!⁣⁣


Learn everything you need to know about attracting your dream tribe and converting them to clients, by diving into my Flourish Your Brand & Business Course.


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