3 Things to Remember When You Lose Instagram Followers

“I’m gaining new followers daily, but I’m losing some as well! What do I do?”

A beautiful human slid into my DM’s with this question the other day and I responded by telling them the story of how I went from 102K followers down to 91K!

To keep a long story short, I lost 10k+ followers because I went deep and dropped my ego.

At a time, I had over 101k followers but that meant nothing because the month that I hit 100k was actually the lowest income month of my entire business. I was so focused on going WIDE with my content instead of going DEEP (don’t get me wrong, both are needed at different stages of your business).

Now here I am, with 10K fewer followers and making more money, impacting people on a deeper level, and embracing REAL connections that bring true joy into my life.

With that being said, these are three things you NEED to remember when you’re losing followers.


1. It’s okay for people to unfollow you.


It’s actually a great thing when people unfollow you! 

If they weren’t loving what you were sharing, that means they most likely weren’t even engaging with your content to begin with. 

That means all they were doing was reducing your engagement and remember, engagement is more important than followers.

You want people that LOVE you and your content. When you notice people unfollow you, they’re only doing you a favor. 

You shouldn’t want to create content for people that

Let the non-engagers purge themselves off your page!


2. Followers do NOT equal money in the bank.


If you’re running a business using Instagram as marketing, STOP falling for the lie that your ego is telling you! 

Popularity has NOTHING to do with your success!

Someone with 500 followers could be making just as much or even MORE money than someone with 10k followers.

I know, I know. It’s so easy to get caught up in the follower count but you need to focus on the people that ARE loving your content, buying all of your products and helping you reach your $5k, $10k, $20k+ months! 

Nurture the followers you do have and watch the money roll in.


3. Not everyone likes spicy margaritas. 


And girl, you are a spicy margarita with an extra shot of tequila! OWN THAT.

Not everyone will like you. It’s just that simple.

✨ You love recording fun, lip-syncing videos and TikToks? Some people don’t like watching that.

✨ You always talk about your loving relationship with your boyfriend? Some people care to see it.

✨ You habitually record your morning routine? Some people don’t enjoy watching it.

That doesn’t mean you start doing or showing less of what you love! Your page is your own and other people are allowed to not enjoy it.

I like to put it in a metaphor: You could be the sweetest and juiciest peach EVER. And there will still be someone that doesn’t like peaches.

So continue to embrace who you are and don’t try to shrink yourself to fit everyone. It’s not worth it.

So it goes like this:

You can either be liked by many, by playing it small and safe OR you can be loved deeply by some for being your most authentic self.

So many people on Instagram choose the former. Make sure you choose the latter. 

It’s less draining and you’ll know for sure that the clients you’re attracting genuinely want to work with YOU.


In this stage of your business, would you rather be making impact WIDELY or DEEPLY? Let me know in the comments below!⁣


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