SPOILER ALERT: you WILL constantly run into new challenges in business!

Sorry to ruin the surprise for you. But that’s just how it goes, my friend.

Maybe you’ve already made a mistake or two in your biz or maybe you’re too afraid to take the next step because of the mistakes you might make.

Well, I’m here to tell you, I know that after causing a setback in your business, it can be PARALYZING. It’s easy to dwell on it and beat yourself up - but that won’t help you achieve the goals you want to!


You say you want BIG things in your life but you’re never going to get them ⁣if you keep letting the small things get to you!


Babe, I get it being an entrepreneur is hard! Heck, doing “life” is hard af...am I right?

And it gets harder and harder the more challenges we face, but you said you have big goals and I know they are important to you, so let’s chat!

Here are my top 3 tips to implement when things don’t go as planned in your biz!


1. Let your frustrations out

Cry, scream, swear, vent to a friend or a mentor, punch a pillow, throw yourself into a full-on hissy fit on the floor, like your 2-year-old niece!


Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you’re expressing your feelings! 


You can only go so long suppressing your feelings before you eventually break - and trust me, we don’t want that!

Whenever things go left in your business and feelings are coming up, this is your permission slip to FEEL. Feel it fully and let it all out. 

That’s the only way you can move on to the next step without the unnecessary baggage!

2. Move on

Dwelling on everything that went ‘wrong’ or not exactly how you expected does nothing for anyone!

Instead, start focusing on what went right! 

What did you do right to get up to this point? 

What worked this time around?

What did you learn?

Making mistakes and ‘failing’ (you never truly fail unless you give up) can and should be used as a learning tool. 

You should look at past mistakes and realize everything you learned from that - those kinds of lessons are invaluable!


3. Go back to the drawing board

What are you going to do next? Notice I said ‘next,’ not EVERYTHING you need to do.

After having a setback in your business, it can be really easy to pile on a bunch of tasks onto yourself and jam-pack your planner with a million things to make sure another mistake happens. Trust me, we’ve all been there.


Getting overwhelmed with tasks and goals is not the answer. Instead, focus on the next step! 


It takes one step at a time to get to the top, so what are you going to do to move forward? Set that goal and make it your top priority.

The bad news? The going will get tough. You will face many obstacles. That’s not up for debate. That’s just a part of being an entrepreneur, and really, a part of life! We can’t find a way around that.

The good news? You will never face challenges that you can’t tackle. 

You will always figure out how to handle all of the challenges. Everything you’re going through or will go through, someone else has gone through the same thing. The solution is always there!

Let your WHY be what motivates you, not your how! The rest will be figured out from there.


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