What I've Learned About Sales + Strategy

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2021

I didn’t think that I needed to be “good at sales” because I don’t like “fancy things”…! I thought that the fact that “I just wanted to help people” was good enough & it would be the ✨magic✨ that made my business successful enough to not have to work for anyone else…! I mean, people would just be able to tell that I have a good heart, good intentions, & good results for my clients w/o any specific marketing or sales strategy…right?!🤷‍♀️

Yeah, RIGHT! Oh I was wrong. What I did learn about sales is that:

  • I learned that even though I don’t like “fancy” things, I like freedom. I like travel. I like comfort. I like to spoil my loved ones. I like to donate to causes that mean a lot to me. I like a lot of OTHER things that require money.
  • MONEY is not “good” or “bad”. It’s a powerful resource to allow us to do MORE OF OUR GREATNESS - so, yeah…I needed to LEARN ABOUT MAKING MONEY & I needed to learn about SALES & MARKETING!
  • I learned that having a desire to “just impact & help others” will NOT stand out in this crazy world of IG & all of the other entrepreneurs trying to “make it”!
  • Real success needs to have alignment with your purpose, clarity on who & how you help, strategy in your content, and sales psychology & marketing strategies in place!


So, even though this picture represents my “dream life” and it doesn’t have any designer bags, fancy cars, or luxury vacation homes…it is possible because I got REALLY GOOD at sales!

I only “work” about 10-12 hours a week. But, I run a multiple 6-figure business! How? Soulful Sales.

Soulful Sales takes away the trainings that you’re continuously signing up for. It takes away that unsure feeling you get when you go to post or talk to a client. It eliminates the confusion on what to price your products! Soulful selling gives you more sales with ease!

What Soulful Sales can do for you is align your sales blueprint, create an actionable guide that walks you through engagement, and provides an in-depth plan for you to master the art of attraction marketing.

So my question for you: What is your current IG game like? If you’re second guessing, if you're craving real relationships with your ideal people, it’s time to take the leap and soulfully sell. 



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