The SECRET to Why You’re Not Going Viral!!

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2022

Going viral is obviously the easiest way of getting your face and your brand out there. Getting it SEEN and showing your dream clients just how much you can help them.

But you’re not going viral. So what’s the DEAL?! What’s wrong? Why not?

Let me share my top three reasons you’re not going viral- and I’ll tell you EXACTLY how to fix this!

  1. You are not SPEAKING directly to your ideal client. 

Maybe you think you have an idea of who they are. But that’s the issue right there- and IDEA of who they are. You need to 100% be sure of who you’re marketing to. Niche down. 

If you’re casting your net too wide, you’re speaking into a void. You already know how DEEP social media runs, with THOUSANDS of posts getting lost in the sea of IG. Too broad of a net, and the perfect client is more likely to miss it. When you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one!


  • You’re not making things people relate to or learn from- or even find entertaining!


How many times have you sat through an IG video that you thought was boring and got no real value from? The answer is never, right? Exactly. Things go viral because people either relate to it, get entertainment from it, or learn something. You and I both know you have something to offer and that you can make entertaining videos that highlight that- use that to your advantage. So make those videos already and go viral!

  1. You’re ONLY doing trends & NOT making them your own!

Yes, trends are very important for going viral! However, you MUST put your own spin on it, or else you’ll blend in...and blending in does NOT get you more sales in your business because you lose your authority when you ONLY follow the crowd! You’re a LEADER! You want to show how YOU are different from everyone else, and you can do so while also staying on trend! Just make sure to put your own spin on it, show how innovative you can be.


  • You are TOO FOCUSED on going viral!


If you’re just posting and making videos with only one goal in mind- going viral- people can tell. If you’ve ever looked at videos where people aren’t authentic, you can tell by the comments that no one is buying it.

In other words, if you post with the intention & energy of “going viral,” - your people will see right through you! And guess what? You probably won’t go viral! No one wants to help those who are begging for attention get more attention. Additionally, they’re less likely to believe what they have to offer will help them, and they for sure don’t want to give them their hard-earned money.

PEOPLE GO VIRAL BECAUSE of their: relatability, entertainment, & education! NOT being needy or egotistical!

Don’t let that last statement stop you from wanting to go viral - it’s not a BAD or a GOOD thing! But, if you’re wanting to go viral for any other reason besides helping others in some way (even for a laugh), it becomes about YOU, not your people! & that is NOT what you want in business!

Bottom line is, don’t do it for yourself or for what you may gain - it should ALWAYS be about your people!

By the way, keep in mind that the term “viral” means something different to everyone. It doesn’t always have to mean “1 million views.” And I’m going to guess that you aren’t looking for those 1 million views- you’re looking to reach MORE of your dream clients.

Am I right?

So focus on these things and keep them in mind when you’re posting. You’ll go viral in no time, and you’ll reach those ideal clients!


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