How to be Fearless in your Business

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2021

I’m just gonna say it…Way too many people are hiding behind the “fear” of “what if…”.  I remember a time when my head was constantly flooded with “what ifs”. What if I fail? What if everyone sees my failure? We get so caught up in our what ifs, that we decide it’s comfortable to just stay where we are in life. What we forget is that the “security” we’re feeling, is actually just the feeling of being stuck. 

When I say that we’re stuck, it’s because we are failing to live our own story. We get into that dark headspace that says:

“People are living in their story of “she/he has success…but that’s not me”. 

“I have to work hard and find the secret to it…they just know the secret”. 

“I don’t know it yet, but I’ll wait for that secret before I’m successful…!” 

None of those statements include putting in the work and confidence needed to move us forward! With those thoughts, how would we get closer to our goals and dreams? Why can’t you be the person that has success? Well, it may be because it’s hard and, in all honesty, it can be terrifying. But, what if you did the scary thing?

You might:

- Fail flat on your face

- Have a difficult time

- Have to put in real work & be adaptable

- Step outside your comfort zone

And you might just FREAKING SUCCEED!  If that is the case you won’t be able to live in that story of “she/he has success because…”. What would you do next?

Do you ACTUALLY desire the success you say you want? Or, are you okay with the comfort of familiar failure and short coming? Is that “who you are”?

Change your story. Change your mind. Change your actions. Change your business. Change your life.

Mediocrity hides behind fear & “security”. Greatness shines with pride & vulnerability! If you are ready to take the steps to make changes in your life and business, check out my website for tips and tricks to finding success in all of your endeavors.


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