Fix Your Relationship With Instagram!

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2022

Putting your offers out there is such a vulnerable experience. Your offers and products come from YOU. It’s personal, and it’s dear to you! And YOU know how AWESOME your offers are— but how do you correctly convey ALL of that goodness through your posts? Your videos? Your words?

You already KNOW there are people out there who need and can get so much value from what you have to offer. But…

No one is buying. And you’re not only feeling bummed out, those negative thoughts are creeping in, but also, you’re feeling awkward and nervous AF!

So what do you do? How do you GET THOSE SALES and feel MORE CONFIDENT in what you’re offering? 

Let’s put an END to your low sales. Here are five reasons why you’re maybe not making the money from IG you should be seeing and how to fix them.


  1. You're not positioned as an authority!

People buy from people who know their stuff. People buy what they believe is trustworthy, honest, and valuable. If they think you AREN’T the authority on what you’re selling/offering, they’re going to find someone else who markets themselves as knowing more than you/doing it better. EVEN IF THEY’RE NOT!

  1. You’re not showing your face!

People want to see who they’re interacting with! Not only does that make what you’re offering more meaningful and memorable, but it also leads to more trust with your clients and potential leads. If you show that you’re a real person who not only has the answers they’re looking for but also has DONE IT YOURSELF ALREADY, you’re more likely to gain their trust, and in turn, their sale.

  1. You don’t actually know WHO you help and WHY you help them! SPECIFICALLY in regards to their pain and their journey to get to where they are now!  Something you need to get down NOW is what your niche is. If you cast too broad of a net, you’re more likely to miss the people who ACTUALLY need and want what you offer.

  2. You’re not showing up consistently - you only show up when you’re “motivated” or when you have an idea, and your motivation and ideas are inconsistent!

We all have days where we don’t feel like doing things. But you need to show up for yourself on those days and always stay consistent with your IG feed. Ever heard of the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”? That applies to your IG presence. If you’re not consistently on their feed, if you go weeks- or months!- at a time without a single post, they are going to find other offers- and you’ll miss out on a sale.

  1. You’re not asking for the sale!

Are you asking open-ended questions that lack engagement with your posts/videos in a way that would lead them to a CTA that will lead to a sale? That’s something you need to fix ASAP. If you’re not straightforward, if you’re not daring enough to ask for the sale, they’ll not FEEL how much they need what you have to offer. SHOW THEM!


So how do we fix this?

  1. Start running your business and your lNSTAGRAM as a BUSINESS, not a hobby!! It’s your business. It’s your passion. It’s your livelihood- treat it as such.

  2. Focus more on "learn from me" content, rather than "look at me content"! It’s great to show your face, and it’s fine to show off but make sure you’re showing WHY you’re the authority on what you offer so they want to learn from you.

  3. Stop hiding behind your product/service/results/logo! Start talking to your people! Let them see your beautiful face- build that TRUST! The more they get to know you, the more they’ll understand how much you know and feel confident in believing you can help them.

  4. GET REALLY CLEAR on your ideal client!) Define your brand. Define your target audience. Get into the nitty-gritty of who you’re talking to and why. Your ideal client is out there- you just have to reach out to them!

  5. Show up consistently in IG stories, on your feed, live videos, etc! The more they see you, the more you’ll be on their mind for when they realize how much they need what you offer.

  6. Start talking about your product/service by telling your people the BENEFITS of it, not just the features! Don't assume people know! People will buy what they think holds the most value to them- show them the long-term benefits of what you have to offer, so they know exactly why they need it in the long run.

  7. Build genuine relationships w/ your people & get to know their problems/pains - let them know that your product/service can help them! Empathy goes a long way in business- think about how you’d like to be treated and give that to your people!

  8. Show social proof/testimonies! Showing client testimonies shows how well your product/service works and that it’s the real deal.


CONSTANTLY LOOK BACK AT YOUR WHY & the BIG ripple effect your product/offer has on THE GREATER GOOD!

I don’t stay motivated & confident to help people grow their following…I stay motivated and speak about it with confidence because I know that when they do so, they will be able to make more money and provide for themselves & their loved ones to be able to live with more FREEDOM- and that’s what it’s all about! Keep in mind that you’re not doing this just to boast about having a huge following-

You’re doing it for FREEDOM

You’re doing it because it’s your CAREER

And most importantly, you’re doing this because you LOVE it and BELIEVE in what you have to offer.



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