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Uncategorized Oct 27, 2021

I know we ALL have had those moments where we are absolutely scared. It could be that feeling of fear that creeps up on you when you’re trying something new, making a big life change, or taking a leap of faith. That feeling can make you STOP.

But what if you did it anyways?

I remember my big, scary moment. I was πŸ’©ing my pants....! I was shaking. Tears were flooding down my face. My palms were sweaty. My mind was chaotic.

This was the moment I found myself doing the absolute scariest thing I had ever done; I was walking into my bosses office to hand him my resignation letter.

This step in my life was something that I couldn’t prepare myself for. No matter how much I tried to stay calm, breathe, relax, I knew that I was stepping into fear and uncertainty. (And it was scary af!)

But why did I do it anyways? Well, in the words of Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!”

That quote pushed me forward everyday. I repeated it under my breath as I reached to open my boss's door to his office. I did it.

I quit my “secure” 9-5 to pursue my dream as a full time online coach. And guess what? I didn’t die! I didn’t completely fall apart. I didn’t regret that decision. Instead, I actually THRIVED! I grew my biz to 6 figures! Instead of working for someone else, I now run my team of amazing women who help me show up for the most amazing clients to help THEM slay their business’! 


It takes that one big, scary step to change your life. If I didn’t do that BRAVE act - I would still be in a job that didn’t light me up! I would still be lost and confused in my purpose! AND I would have NEVER of had the opportunity to change the lives of so many OTHER BRAVE WOMEN!

If you needed someone to say “Do It”, well here I am. This is YOUR wake up call. Babe, if you’re afraid to step forward towards that BIG, SCARY, UNCERTAIN goal - NOW IS THE TIME!

You can jump and face adventure, or you can stay still and never know what is on the other side. But remember, you don’t have to do it alone! Let me join you on your journey.


Choose adventure.

Choose bravery.



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