8 Steps To The PERFECT lNSTAGRAM post!

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2022

I know it can be extremely overwhelming when it comes to creating lnstagram content that STOPS-THE-SCROLL and helps you grow your account. It can seem impossible to increase your engagement and your account can seem stagnant. It feels like the “rules” are always changing & what does good one day, might not do great the next.

Do you feel me!? 

Well, here are 8 rules that will never change! If you follow these 8 steps, you’re on your way to growing your following with ideal people!


  1. A strong headline! You have to get people to stop scrolling by ENTICING THEM! What do they desire? What do they need? What do they struggle with!?


  1. Value! This is kind of obvious, but still - many people struggle with “what is ‘value’!?” Something that will either: teach, entertain, or connect your ideal clients & other leaders in your industry!


  1. Keeps attention! If the headline is the only juicy part - they will keep scrolling! Deliver on your promise inside that headline! No click bait here!


  1. Unique! This is HUGE right now! So many “trends” are being rinsed and repeated! Take the trends and MAKE THEM YOUR OWN! Put your unique spin & branding on it!


  1. Short paragraphs (& text on reels)!  People need to be able to get all the info “fast”! They don’t want to read a HUGE PARAGRAPH that will be hard to skim! Keep it brief & to the point!


  1. A strong CTA!  A strong CTA is one that is direct & shows your ICA what the benefit of completing it is! “Save this” is NOT a strong CTA! “Save this if you’re serious about growing your lG” that is!


  1. Made for your ICA!  NOT FOR YOU TO GET “LIKES”! Create with THEM in mind, not going viral!


  1. Nice visual! No, you don’t need to be “Pinterest perfect” all of the time! But, let’s face it - IG is a visual platform!


These 8 rules help to stop the scroll and find your ideal clients and audience! One thing to keep in mind about all of these rules is that they deal with content creation. If you struggle with creating designs that grab attention or are just tired of spending hours creating another template, be sure to grab a copy of my plug & play IG templates! These will take out the stress of figuring out what to post next and give you the freedom to worry less about creation, and spend your time interacting and engaging with your people! Find 65 of my favorite templates in the LlNK IN MY Bl0 now!


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