5 Secrets to Increase Views On Your Reels

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2021

If you’ve spent any time on IG lately, you know that reels are taking over! Reels are starting to be Instagram’s main focus. If you’re someone who is just posting static posts, it’s time to make a change! Let’s work together to create a reel that will not only drive your engagement, but also be FUN.

5 Secrets to increase views on your reels

When we create reels, we need to keep in mind that there are 3 big things we need to accomplish. We need to 1. capture attention, 2. stop the scroll, & 3. make it something that people will either rewatch or send to others to watch! By achieving all 3 of these things, we are not only boosting our IG engagement, but also gaining those ideal clients that connect with our work! So how do we do all three of those things?


Start with a strong hook 

When you create a reel, make sure that you start with a strong opening statement that is both spoken and WRITTEN on your video in the first 3 seconds! This will be our attention grabber so that we can get the audience who’s interested in the topic!

Evoke emotion

  • Especially positive ones! A reel is a great opportunity to share a piece of yourself. You can use this time to educate on a topic that you’re knowledgeable in or you can spend the time to connect to your people! Be relatable!

Make it short! 

  • When I say less is more, I mean it. The best length for your perfect reel is about 7-9 seconds. This comes highly recommended!

Have GREAT quality 

  • Now when I say good quality, I mean it! Don’t just pick up your camera and record. Think about your background, your lighting, even your outfit! Is this a video that shows you took time to prepare? Or does it come across rushed?It’s better to have 3 great quality videos than 20 rushed ones. Remember: Quality over quantity.

Encourage engagement with strong CTA’s

    • Of course, don’t forget to encourage engagement! Invite followers to comment, share, and like! (And of course don’t forget to respond to all of those messages- don’t be afraid to have those important conversations!)


In your Reel Creation journey, remember that trending sounds, hashtags, and fancy transitions are JUST tools. Although these things can help, starting with a strong hook, evoking emotion, keeping it short, having good quality, and encouraging engagement will be the foundation to help bring you that success you’re looking for! Put MORE effort into what will take you farther! 

Which one do you need to add to your reel routine?


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