3 Ways to Show up Confident on Social Media

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2021

Posting on Instagram can be a little overwhelming. It can be scary to post and put yourself and your business out there. I have caught myself asking:

  • What will people think?
  • Who is watching?
  • Am I interesting enough?
  • Who am I to do this?
  • What if I change my mind?
  • What if I look stupid?
  • What if people disagree?


But those things held me back from success and held me back from making more money in my business! What did I do? I showed up more confidently! When I had a post that was full of confidence, my engagement skyrocketed- so can yours.

Tip #1: Start Small

There are so many ways to begin this journey of confidence and none of them have to be scary!! Don't feel like you need to start with the HUGE pressure of Reels, Lives, and carousels! Start with a static picture & a caption teaching something or start with a boomerang of yourself on your stories w/ text over it! These are both easy ways to start building your confidence so you can work your way up to the big stuff.


Tip #2: Think about how YOU consume...

You probably don't judge others as harsh as you judge yourself! When you start to say "Well, I don't have the perfect hair/makeup/backdrop etc" - think about what you see in other people's content. Do you pay attention to ANY of that? It’s okay to show up “messy”! The key to this is to keep showing up.


Tip #3: Get in the mood!

What makes you show up as the best version of yourself? What gets your energy HYPED UP? Dance parties? Talking to a friend? Singing? Meditating? Exercising? Do something that hypes you up before you show up on IG! When you are HIGH VIBE and READY, your audience can feel it too.


Bonus Tip!!

Use this mantra:

"What would the most successful version of myself do?"

When you funnel your confidence into a post, it’s a game changer. People can feel that energy! Remember to start small, think about what you like to see, and get into the mood. What are you doing to let your confidence shine through?



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