3 Strategies to Make Sales With Less Than 10k Followers

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2021

The ONE THING that frustrates me more than anything else is when people say, “I can’t make sales on Insta. I don’t have enough followers”. Babe, you’ve got it all wrong! Listen closely because this is a myth! I came up with the 3 most successful ways to make all of that cash WITHOUT having 10k followers OR the “Swipe Up” feature.

Now, BEFORE you try these strategies - BE SURE to understand that building trust & standing out as the authority is necessary BEFORE you can make sales consistently! Many of my clients only have 1K-7K followers! And guess what? They make 6 figures a year - how?

They all follow my Signature Soulful Selling Method! This means they have:


  • CLARITY on their ideal client: A person with a clear view of their ideal client knows what to look for! When you can articulate what your ideal client consists of, you can create and post content that resonates with them. No more wasting on time on posts and reels that aren’t successful!

  • A CONTENT STRATEGY: This means making sure that your content is ready to go. Forget rushing around and panicking about the next caption.

  • CONNECTION w/ their followers! If you know ANYTHING about me, then you know how highly I value follower connections. These aren’t just people liking your posts, these are friends, these are valued clients! Make sure to take the time and create those bonds within your space.

This is the FOUNDATION for all of these little tips and strategies to work! 

So, what are my 3 strategies to make those sales with less than 10K followers!?


  • Ask people to "C0MMENT BEL0W" if they want the LlNK! 
  • Use Polls/Quizzes in your stories!

  • Tell them & SHOW them how & where to go to buy!

These strategies not only go hand in hand with Client Clarity, Content Strategy, and Connections, but it helps BUILD THEM. If you are ready to grow your business, take a look at my signature Soulful Selling Method. https://www.meagenharriman.com/soulful-selling-on-social-media-eg


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