10 Ways to Make Your Instagram POP!

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2021

Engaged, raving fans? Customers and Clients that you love? This all comes with building trust and creating a connection over time! If you’re in need of an engagement boost, here are 10 simple and fun ways to make your instagram POP!

  1. Low risk polls: When you are in need of an engagement boost, the place to start is in your Instagram stories. Try posting a fun, low risk poll. When I say fun, I mean  it! Try asking entertaining questions like “What do you prefer at starbucks? Pumpkin spice or Peppermint?”. These questions should be lighthearted and could be answered by anyone-including those future clients.
  2. Use that slider tool!: In your Instagram stories, you have a secret weapon...the slider tool! Use the slider tool in fun and engaging ways. You could ask people to rate their weekend, sliding the bar to determine the level of fun! 
  3. Valuable comments: Your Insta story will take you pretty far, but leaving valuable comments takes you the extra mile. Try leaving ten valuable comments on posts that other leaders in your industry shared. Not only is this an opportunity to collaborate, but also your name is getting out there with killer comments!
  4. Be relatable: When it comes down to it, our followers are looking for someone they can relate to. Use your reels to be funny! Ask people to comment if they can relate.
  5. Respond: And not just to your own comments! Respond to ten people’s stories with a valuable comment- NOT just an emoji. Those valuable comments are going to take you to the next level!
  6. Slide in those DMs: DM fifteen of your followers and thank them. When we thank our followers for being a part of our circle, our relationship with them grows. If you want to take it a step further, use a voice memo! This makes the experience so much more personal- guaranteed to help create that connection!
  7. Tell your people to engage: Now this one may seem too obvious, but it’s the most commonly missed! Tell your people to engage with a post! Ask your followers to share if they agree, comment below, save the post for future use. 
  8. Be vulnerable: To really create that bond, you have to be vulnerable. Share something in your stories to get people to continue to click through! It could be why you chose your content, what made you YOU. Get real with your audience.
  9. Mini quiz: Use your Insta story to quiz your people about yourself! Ask them where they think you’re from or your favorite coffee. Once they answer, let them answer the question for themselves! In the next story, have them share their answer with you!
  10. Carousels: Post. Those. Carousels!! Carousel posts help stir up engagement on your post! (Bonus points for saveable content!)

With those 10 tips, you will make your Instagram BOOM! Creating a connection and building trust may not always seem easy, but with these 10 steps, you’ll be hearing the “ca-ching” from new clients in no time. Want to learn even more about making 6 figures and boosting engagement? Then definitely check out the link below!



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