Are you...

Frustrated with Instagram and the algorithm? (Like, NO ONE is seeing your stuff? Is this a waste of time?)

Feeling stuck - like no one wants what you're offering! You know people need it, but no one is buying...!? 

Having trouble generating consistent leads from your social media content & converting followers to sales?

Do you find yourself

- Opening Instagram and wondering "what the hell do I even say?!"

- Reposting a bunch of quotes that "inspire" your audience but never convert to sales?

- Posting inconsistently because you rely on feeling motivated or inspired? (and that comes and goes...)

- Doubting yourself and your greatness?

- Fearing being judged by what others might think of you?

- Worrying if this is even worth it? There are already SO MANY other people in your niche "making it" - who are YOU to do it too?

What If It Didn't Have To Be That Way?

What if you could feel confident in your social media strategy and leverage it to fill your programs with confidence and ease? (Yes, it can be easy!)

Imagine having:

- A blueprint to uncover your unique brilliance to confidently attract your DREAM CLIENTS with ease

- Intimate knowledge of your ideal client, so that you leave them wondering "How the heck do they know me so well? I need what they have NOW!"

- The tools needed to rewrite your limiting beliefs and establish your core values (that will keep attracting clients for years to come)

- The confidence to make anything and everything happen for yourself and your business

- Everything you need to be able to show up on your social media consistently and confidently, so you never have to feel "icky" or "salesy" again!



The mini-course you need to level up your confidence so that you can attract your ideal clients and customers with ease

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Hey, I'm Meagen and My Mission Is To Help You Level Up Your Social Media Strategy And Make Money With Ease

I started my entrepreneurial journey almost 11 years ago, in direct sales and then started my own multiple 6-figure business, 6 years ago!


I have have helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like YOU, attract and convert their ideal clients/customers organically from social media, specifically IG!

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have worked with over 30 of my dream companies with sponsorships and affiliate programs, been featured in magazines such as Stronger Magazine and Cosmopolitan UK, grown my community to over 150K and been able to travel all over to collaborate and work with amazing people and companies!  

Something that is very important to note is, these "wins" did not happen because of all of the strategies and selling secrets! They didn't happen because I come from a successful, wealthy, family (I actually came from a very small town where I didn't know anyone who was an entrepreneur or business owner...! AND I grew up moving from one trailer park to the next...! Nothing was handed to me, and no one was there to show me all of the "secrets" to success!) These wins came because I did the work! I showed up! I fell down, and got back up! I now teach entrepreneurs how to run their business online by being themselves and connecting with their dream clients/customers with EASE and FUN!


I rave about you to everyone! I have seen so much growth in my ability to get things done effectively and efficiently already. You’ve made me feel supported since our first call and have also held me accountable! Being a stay at home mom, I have small windows to get things accomplished for my business and the processes and methods you’ve shared with me have made things 10000x easier. That’s what I love most so far-I’m getting things done faster and in an effective way which means that 1) I have more time to take on additional clients and 2) I have more time with my family. 💕

Kate Biasini

When you have a business you need to know exactly who you are speaking to so you can help your ideal client.

This matters because when you speak to one specific “person” (problem) you can be sure that your message is clear which allows you to be seen as credible.

This also allows you to feel more confident with your content and messages.

Meagen encourages you to really think about who you want and can help. What their struggles are, pain points and pleasures so you can be sure you are attracting the right person.

When you are able to pin down you who are speaking to, it allows for mental space on your creativity

Since working together I’ve hit milestones in my business and company, even being ranked in the top 250 and 700 of 300,000 brand ambassadors (or you can say affiliates).

While my transformation is not final, I love being able to talk to her as outside eyes on my business and why knowing my ideal clients objections is so important as well as their pleasure points.

Jeanette Bimonte

Meagen is one of the main factors in the success of my business! I went from a total newbie who just quit my 9-5 to confidently showing up and serving my IDEAL people and making a full time income!! In less than one year I was able to make more than I was making at my 9-5! 


Meagen helped me get super clear on who I serve and the products I offer. I was able to show up confident & sell with ease because of the clarity and structure that Meagen helped me create. 


The best part of the entire transformation was that Meagen held space for me to step into the highest version of myself. She poured her energy into me and my business and I felt 100% supported every single step of the way. ❤️

Marissa DeShong


PILLAR 1: Identifying Your Core Values

  • How To BUST Through Limiting Beliefs (My Go To Guide)
  • Surefire Future Pacing Practice That Accelerates Success
  • Kickstart Confidence Using Your 5 Core Values

PILLAR 2: Finding Your Unique Brilliance

  • Uncover Your You-ness With This Single Question
  • How To Use The 4 Powerful P's
  • NICHE CLARITY: How to Bridge The Gap

PILLAR 3: Ideal Client Clarity

  • How To Write Your Niche Story (and why it matters)
  • ICA CLARITY: Understanding The In's and Out's of Your Dream Client
  • Harness The Power Of ICA Visualization



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